Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wet day, great pose...

EOS 60D, F/8, 1/160s, ISO-100, 100L + 580EXII + ROGUE 1/2 CTB gel

It has just stop raining for an hour or so. With my sons, we went to the park near the house. While my sons were playing an almost dried swings, I went for a bug hunt. I found this wasp clinging on a brunch of a bush. It did not twitch or fly off even when I got near it. It seems that its wing is wet. This is a joy. I got to shoot a wasp without worrying it will fly off in a second.

On the flash, I use a Rogue 1/2 CTB gel to color correct my flash. I use not to use gel and correct the color in post processing. In post processing, to color correct is not simple when you are shooting in the shade using flash. I usually got a yucky tint which I had to spend hours try to correct. Sometimes luck was not on my side. Some pictures were not able to be color correct. In the end the picture were deleted. :(

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