Monday, September 17, 2012

Super Wide Angle On The Go...

EOS 60D, F/5.6, 1/500s, ISO-200, 24-70L @ 24mm panorama.

Went on a family trip a few weeks ago. Brought a lot of camera equipment with me (I wish... ). Mostly, I brought my EOS 60D (my one and only body), three lenses (EFS18-135, EF24-70L, EF100L), speedlite 580EXII (my one and only flash), gels, batteries, chargers and filters. Did not use the filters actually. Did not have the chance to stay still without my family trying to drag me...

The only two lens that was used most of the time during the four day trip was the EFS 18-135 and EF24-70L. The EFS18-135 was mostly used at 18mm. Did not quite like the quality of image the lens was producing but I still need a wider lens than a EF24-70L can give me. EF100L was always in the backpack.

There was a time during the trip that using EFS18-135 at 18mm is not wide enough. Did not want to move back since it will let in distraction into the picture. Remembering one of the show that I have watch on AdoramaTV in youtube, I did my first panorama... I take a picture of my hand then a series of images by panning from left to right.... considering how much overlapping I need on each image and finally took another image of my hand. Did this for two times... Here is a sample of the image before the stitching process. Did it with the 24-70@24. You could use the 18-135@18 but did not like the image quality.

Put all this images in Adobe Photoshop. Hey presto, I got this image...

This is a very-very large image. Reduced the size by two times and export to Adobe Lightroom. You can do what I am going to do with Adobe Photoshop but I am used to do picture editing in Lightroom... I crop the image and add vignetting to the image. The final image is as seen atop of this page.

Here is some more panorama shots on that day.

EOS 60D, F/4, 1/1250s, ISO-200, 18-135 @ 18mm panorama.

EOS 60D, F/5.6, 1/640s, ISO-200, 24-70@ 24mm panorama.

Did you notice the difference... Yes the picture is different but did you notice where the picture starts to bow... It seems that the line that start to bow is where you focused on and pan... Need to take that into consideration when doing panorama. I don't actually like doing this since it took me about 30-40 minutes to do it on my computer... or maybe I need a new computer Hahaha.

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