Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grapes on a vine ...

EOS 60D, F/3.2, 1/250s, ISO-400, 24-70L @ 70mm + 580EXII + DIY softbox

A day out to test and learn how to use the small DIY softbox made a week ago. The whole Malaysian community in Chiba (almost) had decided to go for budougari (grape picking in Japanese). This is the time for me to let out the DIY softbox from the closet. The grapes as a bunch is still smaller than the front panel of the DIY softbox.

The first on brunch grapes pictured above was actually not yet ripe. There were still the protective sheet around it. Making use of the DIY softbox placed to the right of the camera and very close to the protective sheet will make the whole rig as a huge softbox (compared to the grape). The light was all around the grapes as can be seen from the picture on top. This is one more how to use the DIY softbox in my lists. You could actually use a bare speedlite but still the outcome will not be the same... maybe...

Here is two more photos of the grapes but with only the DIY softbox. There were no protective sheet around the  grape but still quite a soft light.

The first picture was taken at 1/250s to make the background darker than the subject being taken. By carefully adjusting the flash and DIY softbox, the light spill is controlled from entering the background. Since the grape is it self is dark in color, the dark background does give some feeling to the picture. 

EOS 60D, F/5.6, 1/250s, ISO-100, 24-70L @ 70mm + 580EXII + DIY softbox

The second one was composed so that the background greenery could be pictured as well. Thus the shutter speed is drop down compared to the first picture at 1/60s. It does compliment the picture in MHO. 

EOS 60D, F/2.8, 1/60s, ISO-100, 24-70L @ 70mm + 580EXII + DIY softbox

Now I'm hungry... Hmmm. Where did I put the grapes...

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